Around this time of year thousands of young people are faced with the stressful task of applying for universities. The UCAS process can be time-consuming and sometimes a bit overwhelming. The personal statement, in particular, can fill people with the sort of dread usually reserved for a boardroom showdown on The Apprentice. But, we’re here to tell you not to worry. Follow a few simple steps and you can write a great personal statement that helps you to stand out from the crowd. 

Firstly, the personal statement is supplementing the other great stuff on your application. Your grades are always the most important element, but your personal statement gives you a chance to show the admissions people something about who you are and what makes you interesting. So, use it wisely. 

Before you start, you need to do some serious planning. You need to think about three things: 

1. Why am I applying for this course and why should I be accepted? 

2. What transferable skills do I have which will enable me to do the course really well?

3. What extra interests and hobbies do I have that show  a little more about me? 

This will take some time; but time spent planning will save you time when it comes to writing. 

Once you have the great ideas you need to put this into a relatively short (4000 characters), well written statement. You want to start by raising the excitement levels a bit. In the first couple of sentences you need to show the uni how excited you are about the prospect of studying your chosen course and be really clear on why you want to do it. The main body of your statement will then cover the skills you have which will enable you to excel on the course. This needs to include evidence of what you have done and why it makes you a great candidate. Finish off with some of the extra interests you have that show a little bit more about who you are and why you are suited to the course and to university life. 

Finally, some general things you need to remember. Make sure you use plain English and don’t detract from the key points you want to make. Keep your writing focused and concise – it will make you stand out. Obviously you also need to make sure your spelling, punctuation and grammar are all spot on. Get at least one trusted person to read it through and check for errors.

These are our top tips, but if you would like some extra help then our tutors are on hand to provide more tailored, personal support. Give us a call if you would like to discuss your personal statement and how we can help! 

Call: 07456892241 or email: liam.maguire@tutor-in.co.uk 

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