The new academic year has started and across Leeds and Bradford young people are starting new and exciting challenges at our schools, colleges and universities. It’s an important time of any year, but this September there is an added sense of uncertainty because of the changes being made to the education system. From GCSE and A level qualifications, to SATs and school accountability there are a number of important changes coming into effect. 

We at Tutor In want to provide all of the support we can throughout this crucial year. That’s why we’re starting our Tutor In blog. Our aim is to provide guides and explanations for all of the major changes in our education system; while also answering specific questions, providing exam tips and generally offering

more free support for all students. We hope you find our posts helpful and please do get in touch if there is anything you would like us to cover. Just email liam.maguire@tutor-in.co.uk 

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