As pupils currently studying for their GCSEs will know, a new Maths GCSE has been introduced. The new GCSE is being taught from September 2015, with first examinations in 2017. That means our current year 11 pupils are the first to be studying for the new look Maths GCSE.  

There are a few nerves around for this first cohort, particularly due to some uncertainty about what exactly has changed. In this post we’ve set out all you need to know about the changes to GCSE Maths. The changes can be broken down into three areas: content, structure and grading. 


  • Overall the content is designed to be more challenging for all candidates and provide a more rigorous qualification. 
  • More new content has been introduced, including a number of more difficult topics (some of which were in the previous A level maths course). 
  • There is now more emphasis on problem solving and mathematical reasoning. There are more marks available for these problem solving skills. 


  • The examination time is longer, with all assessment taking place through exams at the end of the course (in May/ June 2017 for most current year 11 students).
  • There will be no formula sheets included in the exam papers. Students must memorise all the formulae needed. 


  • As with all of the new GCSEs, there is a new grading system from 9-1. More marks are available at the higher grades, which is designed to better distinguish between students at the top end of the grade scale. For more information on the 9-1 grading system please have a look at our blog post on GCSE reforms. 

All Maths tutors at Tutor in Leeds have a full understanding of the changes to GCSE Maths qualifications. They are able to guide students through the course at their own pace, with personalised lessons and support. If you have any questions about the new GCSE Maths course, or if you would like to arrange a free introductory lesson with one of professional Maths tutors, then please email liam.maguire@tutor-in.co.uk or get in touch through our website. 

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