You don’t need me to tell you that everyone in the UK (and around the world) has had to spend more time at home over the last year. Many of our normal interactions are moving online and tutoring is no different.  More and more students are enjoying the benefits of personal online tuition. Before starting their journey with online tuition, though, many students and parents are rightly asking the question: how does online tutoring work? 

In this guide we look to answer this question and to provide as much information as possible to help parents decide whether online tutoring is suitable for their child. Our students have loved working with our online tutors over recent months and they’ve seen a clear impact on their marks at school. We can help your child to use online tuition as a gateway to success in 2021. 

How does online tutoring work?

If you do decide to give online tuition a try, then rest assured that at Tutor In we aim to remove any uncertainty from the online tutoring experience. To begin with, we carefully interview all of our tutors and ensure all tutors have an Enhanced DBS check, excellent qualifications and fantastic experience. We’re pleased to offer you an introductory free consultation to discuss your specific requirements and to help us recommend the right tutor for your child. You can also try a first online lesson with the peace of mind of our first lesson guarantee. We’re so confident in our online tutors that if, for any reason, you are not happy with the first online lesson then we will provide a full refund and offer to recommend another tutor for your child completely free of charge. 

Practicalities of online tutoring

Let’s begin by going through some of the practicalities of starting online tuition step by step:  

  1. Firstly your tutor will call you directly to discuss things in detail and arrange a convenient time for the first lesson. 
  2. Your tutor will provide you with all of the details for logging onto the online lessons. We can even provide free, step-by-step guidance over the phone when you first log on for an online lesson. We’ll make the process simple and straightforward. 
  3. Lessons will begin – we usually deliver lessons via Zoom or Skype. Both are excellent platforms that allow us to provide video calls, use interactive online whiteboards and share documents and presentations.  
  4. Lessons will always be tailored to your child and delivered in a style that suits their learning. 
  5. Your tutor will always be available to contact in between lessons with any questions. 

All the benefits of home tuition and more

With our online tuition we can provide our students with all of the benefits of home tuition and much more. Perhaps the question shouldn’t be ‘how does online tutoring work?’, but ‘how does online tutoring work as well as home tuition?’. Indeed, we’re confident that after the first couple of lessons your child will enjoy their online tuition so much they won’t want lessons to end! 

In our online lessons we will: 

  • demonstrate methods and practice examples using interactive whiteboards
  • share documents with ease;
  • explain difficult concepts just as we would in a face-to-face lesson at your home; 
  • provide all of the subject knowledge and exam practice we’re well known for; and
  • keep that important personal element of tuition, where your child can get on well with their tutor and feel confident asking questions. 

Of course not all online tuition is created equal. Wherever you go to find an online tutor you should ensure that the tutor is qualified, experienced and DBS checked. You should also make sure the tuition is one-to-one. Online tutoring in big groups simply doesn’t work and you get very little benefit from the time and money invested. At Tutor In we only provide quality, one-to-one online tuition; and, of course, all of our tutors are qualified, experienced and DBS checked. We also provide ongoing training for our tutors, so we’re confident we provide the very best lessons.    

We’ll manage everything

One aspect of online tutoring which is often overlooked is the process of selecting the right tutor, checking their qualifications and managing things if for any reason you need to change to a new tutor in the future or start on a new subject. This can be time consuming and stressful for parents. You can end up spending ages trawling through tutor profiles which all sound the same! 

We provide a simple solution for parents. We’ll manage the whole process, providing you with our recommended tutor based on our initial consultation. We offer a first lesson guarantee and will provide ongoing advice and support throughout your time working with us. We offer a complete tuition package and are always available over the phone to help (at no extra cost). 

Fantastic results already with online tutoring

You may already have heard friends raving about how well their child is doing at school thanks to their online tutor. We’re helping with the great national catch-up following the school closures in 2020 and 2021. We’re proud to be helping our students to make phenomenal progress this academic year. Our students aren’t just catching up on missed learning, but with the help of our online tutors, they’re excelling and outperforming students from previous years. 

So, why not give a trial online lesson a go? We’re ready to help and can start with your free consultation today. Simply contact us and we can talk through how we can help your child.  You can also read more about the online tuition we provide here.

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