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The global Coronavirus pandemic has thrown education systems around the world into difficulty. From this week students across the UK will be starting to learn from home for the first time. Home studying can be difficult to begin with. We’re here to help you get through the challenges. From online tuition to exciting (yes, exciting!) new worksheets we’ll help you along the way.

To start with we’re offering expert online tuition to students at all levels. Our professional tutors cover a range of subjects, including English, Maths, Science and languages. We can help all students from primary level through to A level and University. 

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Tutor In is also offering a range of support to help all students over the difficult next few months at home. We’ll be updating our blog regularly over this period to provide resources and specific advice. 

Firstly, here are our top three tips for studying at home: 

  1. Get into a good routine – wake up at a reasonable time every day and stick to structured lesson times as if you were in school. Make sure you include plenty of breaks as well.
  2. Use online resources and support to boost your studies – there are so many great resources online and experts ready to help. Make use of them to be ahead of the game when you get back to school.
  3. Avoid distractions (yes that means don’t switch over to that game you’ve minimised!) – it’s easy to become distracted at home. Create your own quiet workspace where you can focus. Work on a lesson for around 45 minutes and then take a short break.

Contact our lead tutor directly for specific help and advice tailored for your studies at home. You can get in touch via our website or leave a comment below. 

We’ll be posting regular new worksheets and topic guides to our learn online page to help out while schools are closed. Keep an eye out!

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