Have a go at the questions below after you have been through our guide on this topic. This is a crucial topic that you will need to be confident with in order to do well in your GCSE maths exams. Start your revision with these questions.

Work out the size of angle x in the examples below and name the rules you have used.

Triangle angles
Question 1
Straight line angle
Question 2
straight line and right angle
Question 3

Next, try working out the missing angles on questions 4 – 6. You will need to use your parallel line rules. Check out our angle facts guide if you need a reminder of the rules!

corresponding angle Q
Question 4
Alternate angle Q
Question 5
Co-interior angle Q
Question 6

Finally, have a go at finding the lettered angles in questions 7 and 8. These are examples of the tougher questions you will be expected to do in your GCSE maths exams. You will need to use multiple different rules. Some angles can only be discovered once you have worked out the others first.

Tough angles question
Question 7
Hardest angle Q
Question 8

Find the answers here once you have completed the questions. If you have answered any of these incorrectly, then see if you can spot your mistake and find the correct rules to use. You can contact us directly if your have any questions or if you would would like to book a lesson to go over the angle facts topic in more detail.

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