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We take the time to understand our students’ needs, allowing us to carefully select the right local tutor for each individual. Our process works and we’re proud that growing numbers of parents and students across Leeds and Bradford are choosing us as their trusted tuition provider.

Our Founder and Lead Tutor

Liam Maguire has worked in education throughout his career. He is an experienced personal tutor with an excellent track record of success. At a national level he has worked at the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office, advising Ministers and developing policy to help improve our education system. Liam has consistently seen the benefits of quality personal tuition, so he founded Tutor in to connect people with the right support in their area to help everyone achieve their full potential. Liam brings a unique range of knowledge and experience to Tutor in, which helps us to offer the best quality tuition available. All of our clients will speak to Liam initially as part of their free consultation. He will also be available to provide advice and support throughout your time working with us.

Liam Maguire


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